My Hairloss

I started noticing hair loss when I was 22. Ever since then I have been researching hair loss and solutions for regrowth. I tried every product on the market; shampoos, oils even pills but nothing helped my thinning hair. One day while researching transplants I came across the Alvi Armani website. The results were far and away the best I had ever seen. I booked my procedure with the clinic and 5 months later here I am.

My procedure at Alvi Armani's hair transplant in San Francisco has improved my life in so many ways that it's hard to put into words. I no longer scrutinize my hair in every mirror. I don’t spend hours in the morning trying to style my hair. I don't have to worry anymore if it's windy or rainy and how that's going to expose my thinning. In short, I don’t think about my hair every five minutes, except when some boy is complimenting me on it that is.

Below you can see pictures of my progress, starting from the first day after surgery, to where I am now 5 months later.